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Welcome to Anne Arundel Community College's School of Liberal Arts!

Organizations today seek employees who are good communicators, creative thinkers and willing collaborators, all skills you’ll build in the School of Liberal Arts. If you consider yourself a free-thinker and are driven by the big questions of why, what and what if, this is the place for you. Studies within the School of Liberal Arts provide you with a general knowledge base and a strong foundation in higher education through such disciplines as history, literature, languages, mathematics, philosophy, and more, as well as the ability to concentrate on a specific area of study deserving your further exploration. If you’re an artist or performer, there are a host of degrees and programs to fuel your passion and build confidence along with opportunities outside of the classroom where you can put your skills into practice.


Liberal Arts Continuing Education

If you’re not seeking college credit, check out the many noncredit liberal arts offerings through the School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development. You’ll find personal enrichment classes in art, world languages and history along with peer-led courses through the Center on Aging’s Peer Learning Partnership.


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School of Liberal Arts

Alicia M. Morse, Ph.D., dean


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Alicia M. Morse, Ph.D.
Clint J. Buhler, Ph.D.
Assistant dean
Arthur Cimiluca
Assistant dean
Lori K. Perez, Ed.D.
Assistant dean
Marjorie Rawhouser, Ph.D.
Assistant dean
Kerry Taylor, Ed.D.
Assistant dean

Eva Fernandez
Administrative assistant